Auch mit 30 ist man noch Kind.

Für immer Kind: Diese Mütter nehmen ihre Fürsorgepflicht viel zu ernst

Dienstag, 09. Mai 2017

Immer diese überbesorgten Muttis. Hustet das Balg wird gleich Wick Vaporup ausgepackt, ist es zu kalt, kommt der extra eingesteckte Schal zum Einsatz und bricht man sich die Hand, wischt Mutti einem auch noch den Hintern ab.

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Habt ihr sicherlich alle so oder so ähnlich damals in Kindertagen erlebt und was früher gut war, muss heute doch auch noch gut sein, oder?

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Denn nur weil man mittlerweile erwachsen ist, heißt das noch lange nicht, dass Muttis Fürsorge abgenommen hat. Na, Hand auf's Herz, wann habt ihr das letzte Carepaket von Mutti zugeschickt bekommen? Seht Ihr, es geht nicht nur Euch so!

I am lucky to have a Korean mother, otherwise I would be so dirty. from funny

We have been putting this little Chewbacca in the X-mas tree for ages and I never really knew why... I just found out my mom thinks he is a gingerbread man. from funny

My mom bought chicks and sent me this from pics

There were boobs on-screen, so my mother took action. I am a 22 year old gay man. (SFW)

My mom put a Christmas tree up for the spider that built a web in her living room from pics

thx mom 4 the onesie

I thought I heard my mother talking to someone outside my window from pics

So for my bday my mom made matching ties for me and my cat

gave dad a yoda ornament last year, here's where mom put it this year. from funny

I told my mom I was really sick today, an hour later she showed up at my house with this. I'm 30 from pics

Mom knitted me a heart-shaped bookmark. from pics

My mom didn't know how to take a screenshot so she improvised with the scanner...

My mom bought my boyfriend and I "back to school" presents. We're seniors in college. from funny

My mom just discovered Snapchat. Ive been getting these for a few days. from aww

My friends mom printed and framed a picture from Facebook. from mildlyinteresting

Pencil broke during a road trip, so I sarcastically asked if anyone had a pencil sharpener, to which my mom replied she "might" have one. from funny